BEER as of May 23

4-packs, mixed 4-packs, singles, 32 oz. growlers



new england gangsta (west coast style ipa) $15

doppler effect (dobbelbock) $20 

samantha (kettle sour w/ strawberries) $20

circling birds (double dry-hopped DIPA) $20 

crows of odin  (oatmeal stout) $15

birds from mars  (tropical ipa) $15
mixed 4-pack  $20

ON TAP / GROWLERS  32-oz only

New England Gangsta

West Coast-style IPA  6.4%

Doppler Effect 

Doppelbock  7.5%


Brethren Code

White Stout w/ coconut and rum-soaked oak   8.6%


Love Potion #9

Gruit w/ yohimba bark and mauria puama  7.4%


Square Root 

Tart gruit w/ mugwort, lemon balm and catnip  5.2%


Gold Digger

Kolsch w/ Falconer’s Flight hops   4.9%



Kettle sour w/ plum and sea salt  4.5%


Crows of Oden
Oatmeal stout  5.4%


Birds From Mars 

Tropical IPA w/ Mosaic hops  5.1%


Kettle sour w/ strawberries 5.5%


Orignal Press

North Country Hard Cider  5% (NO GROWLERS)




doppler effect (limit 2 per mixed case)

circling birds (limit 2 per mixed case)

birds from mars


new england gangsta

mixed cases 


crows of odin

Free beer delivery - Fri & Sat

Order a minimum of two 4-packs and get free delivery Fridays & Saturdays! 



Fridays between 1-5pm for Portsmouth, Rye, N. Hampton, Hampton.


Saturdays between 1-5pm for Portsmouth, Dover, Somersworth. Deadline for orders 6pm the evening prior.


Call in—(603) 502-2244.

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