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Q: Do you allow dogs outside?

A: We love (!) dogs but do not allow them.

Q: Will you host our private event

A: We do not offer private events. 

Q: Can I park in your side lot?

A: No. We do not have parking. The spaces outside are for tenants who live upstairs or assigned businesses and are signed as such. Plenty of parking is nearby in garages and on streets. 

Q: Do you offer beers besides gruits? 

A: Yes! Gruits (an ancient style of herbal beer made with little or no hops) are just a part of our myriad beer offerings. From the start (2012), our IPAs, pales, stouts, Belgians, lagers, sours, etc.  have been stand-out craft brews on our beer list.. 

Q: What's your best-selling brew?

A: New England Gangsta, a West Coast-style IPA made with Pacific NW hops. 

Call for reservations. (No emails,) Cheers!

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