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tap list  -  earth eagle north

new england gangsta west coast ipa   6.4% 

armadillo danger pale ale   5.6%

piscataqua  american lager   4.2%

cassowary gary lemongrass & ginger golden lager  5.5%

dirty bird new england ipa    7.5%

smokestack lightning  rauchbier   5.4%

phoenix brown american brown ale  5.8%

shapeshifter chocolate-raspberry stout 5.8% (nitro pour) *NEW BEER!*

doppler effect doppelbock   7.5%

frühling bloom german pilsner   4.6% 

snare trap belgian tripel   8.2%

roggen' the night rye hefeweizen   5.5%

samantha strawberry sour   5.5%

mountain tea hard tea   5.2%

currently in cans 

cassowary gary 

momma had a baby 


new england gangsta   

armadillo danger


We offer cocktails, too!

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